Take your fire protection business to the NEXT-LEVEL with FireMate.

Meet FireMate, FPA Platinum Member and the global leader in fire protection maintenance software.

FireMate’s software solutions are designed specifically FOR the fire industry BY the fire industry. Developed with extensive industry knowledge and software expertise, FireMate saves time, improves compliance, boosts profitability, and facilitates outstanding customer service. Thousands of fire protection specialists use FireMate every day to maintain millions of fire protection assets in Australia and overseas.

Built by a team with first-hand experience, FireMate streamlines business processes through automated reporting, integrated checklists, defect quoting, a customer portal and many other intelligent features for office and field staff. By reducing the administrative workload, FireMate helps optimise your processes and run your company as efficiently as possible.

FireMate’s Fire Protection Maintenance Software has a proven history of helping fire contractors deliver compliant services in strict accordance with industry standards. FireMate integrates directly with the Australian Standards and guides fire technicians with appropriate prompts through their work, saving time, money and frustration.

FireMate’s Nimbus enables fire contractors to remotely monitor fire panels and receive notifications directly via email, web browser, or the Nimbus Notify mobile app. The ability to monitor fire panels anywhere anytime is a real game-changer, meaning fire contractors can provide proactive customer service, and building managers can have complete visibility of their property portfolio.

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