An Overview of Fire Safety in European Taller Buildings Incorporating a Framework for Fire Safety

The MBA on behalf of AMBA presents a framework proposing a comprehensive and structured list of elements for consideration by EU member countries in their regulatory approach to ensure fire safety in high and mid-rise buildings. This framework has good support from regulators in the EU subsidiarity principle and aids in structuring the exchange of information and best practices within the European Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) established by the EU Commission in October 2017.
A holistic approach enables consideration of, not only the building design and construction but also technical installations and fire safety management throughout the lifetime of the building, including clarification of the roles and responsibilities in the value chain. For façade system components, the application of large scale testing is recommended as a starting point, complemented by clear information about the systems and applications in which products may be used. This paper also identifies the role of product manufacturers and of EU standards. The ultimate goal of such framework is to provide a clear basis to regulators and the construction sector, allowing identification of gaps and best practices for fire safety.

Note: will be virtual presentation as travel from Belgium not covid19 feasible.


Mr Quentin de Hults Executive Chair, MBA, Modern Building Alliance on behalf of Australian Modern Building Alliance, Belgium

Mr de Hults is engaged in the European Fire Information Exchange Platform and the European Fire Safety Alliance. He has more than 10 years of experience in energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings with the whole value chain, and 5 years of experience in related EU standards and policies as expert and public affairs professional for BASF.
He holds a master degree in mechanical engineering from the Louvain School of Engineering in Belgium.