Construction of Buildings for Better Bushfire Protection


Julie de Jong Director, H&H Architects

Julie enjoys all aspects of architectural practice and has a strong focus on successful project delivery. She works on a range of residential, commercial, government and community projects, combining her interest in sustainable design principles with practical design solutions. Julie also brings to the practice specialist heritage planning and conservation knowledge.

Kathryn Kinnear Director and Principal Bushfire and Environmental Consultant, Biodiverse Solutions

Kathryn Kinnear is a Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) accredited Level 2 Bushfire Practitioner. Kathryn is a member of the FPAA WA Bushfire Working group and the DPLH Bushfire Policy Review Technical Working Group which she regularly provides advice and support to the respective groups. Kathryn delivers training programs for Local Government Agencies for bushfire planning and low fuel/Asset Protection Zone standards, has co-authored an article with Julie de Jong on Project BAL Build – designing dwellings in bushfire-prone  areas (Kinnear & de Jong, 2020).  Kathryn undertakes bushfire planning site assessments (BAL assessments) and prepares bushfire management plans for various developments (size and scale) for private/government agencies (including review of proposed landscaping plans to APZ standards Schedule 1) and gives advice to Department of Planning Lands and Heritage Policy Branch.

Kathryn has been working in the environmental management and bushfire planning field for 26 years from her experience in Department of Parks and Wildlife (DBCA 1994-2005) and as a consultant.  Her combined experience and knowledge in the environmental and bushfire discipline has formed a mission in her work area of combining bushfire safety and sound environmental management practic es. Her role has led to state based and national advice on bushfire and environmental advice to protect life, property and biodiversity. In 2018 Kathryn was the recipient of the FPAA Ron Coffey award for excellence in bushfire protection.