Fire Hydrants & Hose Reels – Design & Commissioning Fundamentals

What are the requirements? How are they required to operate? What you should know!

The ability of the fire brigade to carry out fire-fighting, search and rescue activities and occupants to fight a fire in its initial growth stage, if they choose to do so, could be critical to the life safety of occupants.  To enable fire fighters or occupants to undertake these activities specific & required equipment, operational and system performance needs to be provided.

To provide this, the system needs to be correctly designed, installed and commissioned so that it can be verified as ‘fit for purpose’ and compliant.  To do this there are several key aspects throughout the process that need to be carefully considered, implemented and verified.

This webinar is also partly aimed at improving your understanding of the key operational and performance requirements/criteria of these systems.

If you design, install or commission fire hydrant or fire hose reel systems or simply wish to obtain a better understanding of these systems, you will find this webinar informative.

This session will cover and explain aspects of Design and Commissioning, such as:

  • The purpose of fire hydrants and fire hose reel systems;
  • Legislation, Code and Standard requirements;
  • How they are required to operate;
  • Key operational & performance design and commissioning requirements;
  • Interfaces with other fire protection and life safety systems;
  • Common system configurations and system equipment;
  • Baseline Data and Commissioning;
  • Do’s and Do Not’s; and
  • Common misunderstandings.


Justin Morris Technical Director, Wormald

Justin Morris is the Technical Director of Wormald Australia; responsible for the engineering practices and introduction of new fire protection systems and technologies nationally. Justin has over 18 years of experience in the design, installation and commissioning of fixed fire suppression systems and ‘Special Hazard’ fire safety systems including sprinklers, hydrants, gaseous agent systems, water spray, water mist and foam systems.

His experience covers a range of market sectors including commercial, residential, industrial, defence in applications such as data centres, switch rooms, power stations, large commercial developments, hangars, marine and offshore facilities.  Prior to his current role, Justin led Wormald’s Engineering Support Group in Asia, where he supported the installation and servicing businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, India and the UAE in land and marine based applications.