Legal liability and professional conduct. How to protect yourself.

Practitioners involved in building fire safety system design and certification, fire engineering and inspection of buildings and fire safety systems are facing an unprecedented level of exposure to legal liability and disciplinary action.  The Grenfell fire in the UK, the Lacrosse fire in Melbourne, as well as other buildings where significant defects have been identified, has heightened the interest of regulators and has focussed attention on claims for legal liability arising from losses suffered by building owners.  This session will review the areas of legal liability exposure in this context, as well as potential actions that can be taken by regulators and considers the steps that should be taken to mitigate risk, such as understanding legislative requirements, establishing appropriate processes, documentation and record keeping and other steps.  These types of steps will be critical when responding to legal claims and potential disciplinary action.


Greg Campbell Partner, Pinsent Masons Lawyers

Greg Campbell is a qualified building surveyor and lawyer and has advised extensively on building control issues for the last 30 years.  Greg worked as a building inspector and building surveyor for various local governments from the mid 70 to the mid 80s.  After completing an honours degree in Law in 1988 he commenced practice as a lawyer.

Over the past 32 years, Greg has specialised in construction and infrastructure law and has a particular speciality in building regulation and building control.  Greg was a partner at Maddocks in Melbourne for 25 years and is currently a partner in international law firm, Pinsent Masons, having moved there in 2015.

While at Maddocks, Greg advised the State building regulator, fire authorities, architecture and building practitioner disciplinary boards, Councils, as well as developers and contractors.  More recently while at Pinsent Masons he has been advising infrastructure owners and investors, builders, contractors and building practitioners.