Material Characterisation for Cladding


Nathan White Team Leader - Fire Engineering, CSIRO

Nathan is Team Leader for CSIRO Fire Engineering. He is a Senior Fire Safety Engineer with 20+ years experience in fire safety consulting and experimental research. Nathan has practical expertise in a broad range of fire safety areas including material flammability and fire behaviour, fire testing including large scale heat release rate measurement, façade fire safety, passenger rail fire safety, buildings in bushfire protection and fire safety design for buildings. Nathan has set fire to trains, houses, fire trucks and numerous building products.

Nathan has assisted the Victorian state-wide cladding audit and has extensive experience in combustible cladding inspection, testing, risk assessments and rectification solutions. He has authored several publications including the book “Fire Hazards of Exterior Wall Assemblies Containing Combustible Components” published by the NFPA Fire Protection Research foundation.

Alex Webb Group Leader - Infrastructure Technologies and Fire Safety Engineer, CSIRO

Alex is Group Leader of the Victoria team which provides a wide ranges of consulting and testing services to the Infrastructure and construction sector from acoustics to durability. Fire safety is his passion with over 24 years experience in the fire safety industry working in a range of areas. He has a wealth of qualifications and technical skills in flammability of materials, facade fire safety, fire testing, rail safety, bushfire protection , fire dynamics, egress human behaviour in fire.

He is a Registered Building Practitioner (EF) in Victoria, C10 Accredited Certifier, Fire Safety Engineering in NSW, a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) and Fire Safety Engineer in Malaysia. Alex has lead fire engineering design and implementation across a diverse range of building and infrastructure projects: high rise, commercial, residential, retail, multi – purpose complexes, airports, passenger trains, underground rail transport systems, rail and road tunnels.


  • Fire engineering and general fire safety
  • Materials flammability and full scale fire testing
  • Hot smoke testing
  • Means of escape analysis
  • Structural fire protection analysis
  • Design of buildings for bushfire resilience
  • Risk assessment
  • Research and development in the field of fire safety science

Alex is a guest lecturer on flammability and fire testing for “Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Building Fire Safety and Risk Engineering Management” course at Victoria University of Technology, Werribee. 2011- Present.

CSIRO representative on the Australian Standards Committee since 2009
Committee FP18 – Fire Safety
Committee FP23 – Tunnel Fire Safety

Alex has attend ISO Technical Committee 92 Fire Safety as the Australian delegate since 2017 in both fire testing and fire engineering. He was Victorian Cladding taskforce expert panel and is currently involved in the building audit program. Co-author of the CSIRO “Fire Safety Guideline for external cladding, 2016”.