The Emergency Plan Process – how the industry can improve

Introduction: Regulations, Standards, and Industry Shortfall
• Regulations and Standards pertaining to the Emergency Plan
• Overview of why there is a shortfall in the Emergency Plan process
• Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) setup and ownership of the Emergency Plan
• Identifying risks and Emergency Control Organisation with the EPC

Emergency Plan
• Establishment of the Emergency plan and baseline data necessary to establish the performance benchmark of the Emergency Plan
• Developing an Emergency Plan and Emergency Response Procedures in collaboration with the EPC
• Diagrams
• Developing an Emergency Control Organisation appropriate to the facility
• Training program for the EPC, ECO and Occupants
• Using a competency standard for the training
• Maintenance of the plan

• Who needs to be trained?
• Six-Monthly training requirements
• Yearly training requirements
• Evacuation Exercises and Tests

Maintenance of the Plan
• Meeting WHS requirements
• Using AS1851 inspection, test, and records to validate the Critical Emergency Evacuation system elements

• Does the Emergency Plan, Training and Maintenance conducted allow validation of the Plan to meet Work Health & Safety requirements?
• Does the Emergency Plan require validation under an Annual Fire Safety Statement, Insurance or Fire Engineered Report conditions?

• Why the whole process of the Emergency Plan needs to be embraced by business, insurance, and the fire industry for the safety of people and property.


Mr Ian Collins Fire Safety Assessor, Fire Awareness Technology, Australia

Ian Collins is a Fire Safety Assessor, Emergency Plan Consultant and Trainer who believes in protecting life and property through implementation of an Emergency Plan.

Qualifications: Mechanical Engineering, Training and Assessment, Fire Safety Assessor and Advisor.

With over 40 years’ experience in Emergency Plan development, Training, Fire Safety Audits and Special Hazards Fire Systems design.

Positions: Fire Safety Coordinator for American Express Australia/New Zealand, First 5 Minutes, consultancy roles with Fire Awareness Technology, Noel Arnold & Associates, Baseline training, Eagle Fire and the Insurance Council of Australia serving on Australian Standard FP12 together Wormald/Fire Control Special Hazards divisions.