Building Confidence report: Around the Grounds

The landmark Building Confidence report was released in 2018.

The report, by Professor Peter Shergold AC FRSN and Ms Bronwyn Weir, found ‘significant and concerning’ problems with the construction industry.

The authors made 24 recommendations to address weaknesses in the system and return confidence in the industry, against which state and territory governments benchmarked themselves.

In 2019, the Building Ministers tasked the Australian Building Codes Board with developing national responses to 22 of the recommendations and developing a definition of building complexity.

This work has now been completed, and model guidance has been developed to support governments to implement changes.

In this session, Bronwyn Weir, one of the architects of the reforms, will discuss the report, the model guidance, and how far each of the governments has come in reforming construction in their state or territory.

Bronwyn Weir - Headshot

Bronwyn Weir

Director, Weir Legal & Consulting

Bronwyn runs a boutique legal and consultancy firm advising government regulators. She is the co-author of the Building Confidence Report. Her appointment with Professor Shergold to undertake this work reflects her reputation as a legal advisor on building regulations for more than 23 years.  Bronwyn is involved in the ABCB’s work to develop a national framework for the implementation of the report. She has also directly advised several jurisdictions in relation to building regulatory issues including the Victorian government on combustible cladding and Victoria’s Building System Review Panel, the NSW Building Commissioner and the Queensland Government on security of payment. She also advises regulators in a range of other sectors including education, health, emissions reduction and solar.