Insurance, liability, and your responsibilities to your clients

When are you liable for what you do?

Practitioners know that they need insurance, but under what circumstances might they have to pay out?

And how will a successful claim affect their future premiums?

Cases such as Lacrosse have shown that the legal system is willing to hold practitioners responsible for their promises, as well as for their actions.

Practitioners who fail to deliver for their clients may find themselves held at fault.

Making promises you can’t keep may increasingly cost you more than you anticipated.

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Robert McGirr

Co-Founder & Director, Elit Lawyers

Robert McGirr, an industry veteran, was admitted to practice in 1978 and became one of the Victoria’s first Accredited Commercial Litigation Specialists in 1993.

After a legal career spanning more than 40 years and leading commercial litigation and insurance legal teams at a national law firm, Rob co-founded his own dispute litigation law firm in November 2020. Rob’s practice is primarily focussed on commercial litigation and insurance litigation, with specific expertise in arbitration, equity, trade practices, contract disputes, corporate governance/directors duties/oppression actions. He also has a special interest and further qualifications in matters of defamation.

Rob is highly regarded for his depth of expertise, integrity and tenancy, attributing much of his success to having a high attention to detail and thorough understanding of the facts and dynamics at play in a litigation matter.

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