Saving lives with residential sprinklers

Residential fires cause an average of 64 preventable deaths a year, significantly more than are caused by bushfires.

Recommendations from coroners and work by the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Australia (HFSCA) have led to the development of safe, reliable, fit-for-purpose, and cost-effective sprinkler systems that are the next important stage in home safety.

Home fire sprinklers can prevent fire spread and significantly reduce loss and damage, giving time for occupants to escape and for first responders to attend a fire that is being suppressed or has been extinguished.

Mark Whybro, Chair of the HFSCA, will provide insights into its strategy, program of works, and research and discuss how it will deliver safer residential properties.

MarkWhybro (1)

Mark Whybro AFSM BA MBT GIFireE

Chair, Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Australia

Mark Whybro retired from Fire and Rescue NSW in 2021 after 40 years’ service, most recently as Assistant Commissioner with state-wide for prevention and education. He continues to work in public safety: as an Adjunct Fellow helping with fire safety research at Western Sydney University and engaged by FPA Australia to help with the significant building regulatory reform program underway in NSW.

Since its relaunch in 2019, Mark has chaired the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Australia, a strategic partnership between AFAC and FPA Australia, established as the national independent source of information to the community, industry and Governments about the life-saving value of residential sprinklers.