Standards development in the age of “Generation Now”

Standards are created over a long period of time, requiring research, deliberation, and significant experience.

The volunteers who put standards together are dedicated to the improvement of their industries and recognise the importance of providing clear direction to practitioners and technical support for regulation.

But how does that fit with the views of “Generation Now” – the people raised on mobile devices, apps, instant messaging, memes, and sound bites?

What strategies are being pursued by Standards Australia to ensure that standards are relevant and useful to the next generation of technicians, practitioners, and professionals?

And what challenges do standards-setters anticipate over the next few years?

Adam Stingemore, General Manager of Engagement and Communications for Standards Australia, will discuss his organisation’s strategies to ensure that standards continue to support good practice and excellence in the construction sector.

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Adam Stingemore

General Manager - Engagement & Communications, Standards Australia

Adam is responsible for leading Standards Australia’s national and international engagement teams, member relations and marketing and communications. Since joining the organisation in 2009, Adam has had various roles in engagement and standards development. He has been a member of the Executive Team since 2015 and represents Standards Australia on numerous national and international committees.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Technology, Sydney. Prior to joining Standards Australia, Adam worked in a variety of roles in big and small business, on the personal staff of several judicial officers in NSW, as a lawyer in practice and for The Group of Eight Australian Universities.