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1. Innovation in Design and Delivery

This criterion pays homage to those who’ve dared to redefine norms, crafting designs that push the envelope and solutions that challenge the status quo.

2. Problem-Solving Aptitude/h3> Innovation isn’t just about ideas; it’s about addressing real-world challenges. This criterion applauds those whose solutions stand as beacons of practicality, resolving industry issues with foresight.

3. Excellence in Design & Development

Excellence isn’t a goal; it’s a standard. This criterion celebrates those who’ve infused their offerings with an uncompromising commitment to design and development.

4. Scope of Application

Impact is a spectrum, and this criterion evaluates the span of an innovation’s influence – whether it caters to new buildings, existing structures, or both.

5. Efficiency & Affordability

Innovation isn’t just about groundbreaking; it’s about making an impact. This criterion hails solutions that integrate seamlessly, enhancing practices with efficiency and affordability.

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