Call for Papers

Our call for papers has now closed.

If you’re in the industry and feel you can present an interesting and well received topic, we encourage you to submit an abstract and get involved in your industry conference.

As both a Conference and Tradeshow, Fire Australia continues to be the largest and most influential fire protection event in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Fire Australia program provides opportunities for local and international industry participants to report on the most recent developments and research achievements in the design, manufacture and application of the industry.

We are calling for papers from fire protection industry executives, customers, marketers, academia, researchers, sales teams, reseller networks, and suppliers. If you are in the industry and feel you can present an interesting and well received topic, we encourage you to submit an abstract and get involved in your industry conference.

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Selection Criteria

FPA Australia invites industry professionals and organisations to submit papers showcasing the innovative practices and technologies in the field of fire protection for the FA24 Conference on the Gold Coast. We are particularly interested in contributions that highlight advancements in the following areas:

  • Drones in Fire Protection: Present research or case studies on the use of drones for fire inspection, monitoring, and emergency response. Highlight the benefits and challenges of employing drones in fire safety operations.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications: Share insights into how AI is being utilized to improve fire detection, prediction, and response systems. Demonstrate how AI-driven solutions are enhancing overall fire protection strategies.
  • Technology for Building Analysis: Showcase the use of cutting-edge technologies (e.g., sensors, IoT devices) to analyse existing buildings’ fire safety measures and identify areas for improvement.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Fire Protection: Explore the integration of GIS technology in fire protection planning, emergency response, and risk assessment.
  • Risk Analysis Tools: Present methodologies and tools used to assess and manage fire risks effectively, including quantitative risk analysis approaches.
  • Fire Modelling (Bushfire and Structure Fires): Share advancements in fire modelling techniques for both bushfires and structure fires. Highlight the role of modelling in enhancing fire protection measures and preparedness.
  • Emerging Innovations: We welcome submissions on any other innovative solutions or technologies that are making significant contributions to fire protection, even if not explicitly listed above.


Selection Criteria
Papers will be accepted on the basis of originality, technical relevance and advancement of current practice and generally an interesting topic that will be well received by delegates. The decision will be made by the Program Committee and its decision will be final.

Innovation and Novelty
Submissions should clearly showcase the innovative aspects of the technologies, practices, or methodologies presented. Preference will be given to papers that introduce new ideas and approaches.

Relevance to Fire Protection
Papers must be directly related to fire protection and aligned with the conference’s theme of demonstrating innovation in the fire protection industry.

Practical Applicability
We encourage contributions that demonstrate practical applications of the presented innovations in real-world fire protection scenarios.

Impact and Significance
Submissions should emphasize the potential impact of the innovations on the broader fire protection industry, such as improved safety, efficiency, or effectiveness.

Case Studies and Results
Where possible, include case studies, experimental data, or real-world examples to support the effectiveness and value of the presented innovations.

Clarity and Presentation
Papers should be well-written, organised, and effectively communicate the ideas and findings to the broader audience.

Sessions will be presented in ether a plenary or breakout style format.

Program Committee:

Mark Potter, Managing Director, Agilus

Brett Staines, Special Hazards Fire Protection, Consultant

Kathryn Kinnear, Director/Principal Environmental & Bushfire Consultant, Bio Diverse Solutions

Warren Makings, Technical Officer, FPA Australia

John Lynch, GM Business Services, Wormald

Deadline for receipt of abstracts:
Friday 10 November 2023

Notification of paper acceptance:
Friday 24 November 2023

Papers will be scheduled to suit the final program and will be delivered as 30 – 45 minute presentations, including any question time from the floor.

The invitation to submit an abstract does not constitute an offer to pay travel, accommodation or registration costs associated with the Conference.

Selected presenters are required to register for the conference. A complimentary single day registration will be provided on the day the presenter is scheduled to speak. The presenter may choose to upgrade their single day complimentary registration to a full conference and tradeshow registration for $600.00.

By submitting this proposal you grant the organisers permission to publish the abstract in hard copy and electronic format.

  1. Please ensure the title of your presentation is in capitals
  2. An abstract must be no more than 500 words
  3. Abstracts must be accompanied by presenter’s biography in no more than 100 words
  4. Please include all authors of the submission and their affiliations.

All presentations must be in 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio

Contact the Fire Australia Events Team +61 (0) 3 8892 3144 or [email protected]