Performance-based design in fire engineering. Friend or foe?

The Shergold-Weir ‘Building Confidence’ report highlighted major compliance failures in constructed buildings, identified an underperformance by authorities, consultants, contractors and government regulators, and singled out significant concerns with performance-based design solutions.

Many facilities include complex performance-based fire safety strategies requiring particular maintenance and testing regimes. The understanding of these systems is often very poor due to lack of documentation and inadequacies in the operation and maintenance of these systems has become a significant compliance issue.

Preventing or fixing these problems does not have to be a difficult task. This presentation will explain the nature of typical performance-based smoke hazard management systems and set out how to identify if there is an issue with how a system is operating, being maintained and managed. Strategies and methods to address issues that may be identified will be explained to show a clear way forward to ensure regulatory maintenance requirements can be met.

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Marcus Royle

Leader - Fire, A G Coombs

Marcus Royle is a registered engineer with expertise in Fire Safety Engineering, Fire Protection Services and Mechanical Services. He has a passion for solving complex problems for his clients and believes in providing a holistic fire safety strategy that considers all aspects of a facility’s lifecycle.

Marcus is responsible for reviewing and overseeing proposed and existing fire safety systems in buildings and providing a practical approach to complying with relevant building regulations. He works closely with design and installation teams to ensure that his recommendations are implemented effectively and that the building’s fire safety strategy is in cohesiveness with building operation.

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Ben O’Brien

Technical Specialist – Fire Mode, A G Coombs

Ben O’Brien is responsible for Mechanical Services maintenance, commercial comfort, biocontainment. Specialising in essential services testing and smoke hazard management performance of large commercial buildings and hospitals.