AI – Helping or hurting Fire Services Companies? Let’s have a conversation about where we’re headed

Is AI poised to take over our jobs? Despite sensational headlines, separating fact from fiction is crucial. Could the fire industry face a future dominated by Terminator-like bots powered by Chat GPT? While AI is undeniably present and utilized, what role does it play in our professional landscape?

According to Forbes (January 2024), the AI market, valued at $87 billion in 2022, is projected to soar to $407 billion by 2027. Amid this growth, concerns about misinformation from AI are on the rise, with over 75% of customers expressing worry. Additionally, the forecast suggests that one in ten cars will be self-driving by 2030.

How do these developments impact the fire industry, and more importantly, your work? Is AI a helpful ally or a potential threat? As we navigate these questions, let’s take a journey back to the origins of AI in the 1940s, exploring its peaceful coexistence for years. From there, we’ll delve into current innovations, including the application of Virtual Reality for firefighters.

Whether you’re a designer, a manager, or tech-savvy, understanding the evolving landscape of AI is paramount. Join me in uncovering the historical roots of AI, assessing its current implications, and contemplating how it intersects with the future of the fire industry. Sit back, relax, and let’s explore the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI, seeking clarity in a world increasingly shaped by technology

Gerard Mignone

Gerard Mignone

Managing Director, Geelong Fire Protection

Gerard Mignone is an accomplished professional with a healthy amount of experience in the fire industry, currently serving as the General Manager of Geelong Fire Services. With a 16-year tenure in the construction field, Gerard has established himself as a prominent figure, showcasing expertise as a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of Engineers Australia.

Education has been a cornerstone of Gerard’s journey, as he holds two master’s degrees, including an MBA. His commitment to continuous learning led him to participate in the AMCA’s scholarship program in the United States, focusing on Project Management. This diverse educational background has equipped Gerard with a useful skill set that extends beyond the technical aspects of his field.

In 2022, Gerard took a step into the realm of entrepreneurship and innovation by co-founding LOGIQA, an Artificial Intelligence company. At LOGIQA, he and his team developed Counti, an advanced estimating tool leveraging machine learning to enhance the accuracy of estimating take-offs, surpassing human capabilities. He was fortunate enough to win the FPAA’s 2023 Innovation Award for his efforts.

Gerard’s dedication to the industry is not limited to his corporate ventures. From 2022 to 2023, he assumed the role of Chair of the FPAA’s Victorian Committee, where he played a pivotal role in developing a dynamic team to represent and advocate for the interests of the fire industry. This leadership position was his commitment to fostering collaboration and driving positive change within the sector.

Outside of his managerial and entrepreneurial pursuits, Gerard has actively contributed to the academic community as a casual lecturer at Melbourne University’s Masters of Engineering course for over eight years. This engagement allows him to stay connected with the current research incites and the emerging generation of engineers, sharing his insights and experiences to inspire future leaders.

Looking ahead, Gerard remains passionate about fostering curiosity, energy, and drive within the fire industry. With a keen eye on the future, he envisions leveraging technologies like AI to propel businesses forward, creating a dynamic and thriving landscape for the industry. Gerard Mignone continues to be a driving force, blending his technical expertise, leadership acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit to shape the future of the fire industry.