Developments in Fire Protection Technologies for Lithium Ion Batteries

In this session we will be looking at the latest developments in Fire Protection Technologies for industrial/special hazard Lithium Ion Battery risks.

We will be covering applications such as :

  • Containerised BESS
  • Battery rooms within buildings
  • Public Transport Vehicles
  • Public Transport Depots
  • Mining Vehicles
  • Waste and Recycling
Howard Tomlin

Howard Tomlin

Group Engineering Manager, Fire Protection Technologies

Ever since a  lithium ion battery caught fire in his hand Howard has had an acute awareness of how quickly lithium ion batteries go from inert to spectacularly dangerous. Drawing on his fire protection industry experience (from back when 2 wire fire panels were considered state of the art) Howard has  experience of a broad range of products that are currently on offer to mitigate the risk of a lithium ion battery fire and will be discussing the benefits and limitations of these technologies.

Howard is a member of several FPAA committees including TAC11/22, TAC3 and chaired the LIB special interest group (technical stream) during the formation of several publications about care and safe use of lithium Ion batteries. Aside from his work on the FPAA committees Howard has been an active member of the BSI working group writing the BS8489 and BS8458 watermist standards and on the back of that contributed to the re-write and update of the current AS4587 standard for watermist here in Australia after moving from the UK to work at Fire Protection Technologies in 2017.