Best Practice for Battery Testing: AS 1851 Compliance

The purpose of this presentation is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the guidelines and procedures necessary for conducting effective annual battery testing in accordance with AS 1851. AS 1851 has invaluable guidelines for the testing and upkeep which are often overlooked when completing annual testing requirements. This presentation, will navigate key points integral to battery testing, shedding light on Testing Procedures, the necessary Testing Equipment, the significance of AS 1851 Logbook Testing, Safety Considerations, and the process of Battery Replacement.


Warren Makings

Interim National Technical Manager, FPA Australia

Warren Makings is a highly experienced professional with over 30 years in the fire protection industry. Currently serving as the Technical Manager at FPA Australia, Warren’s expertise extends to being an FPA Australia RTO assessor, Business Owner, Registered Electrical Contractor (REC), and Electrician.

Warren’s journey began with an electrical apprenticeship in a company specializing in fire system installation and maintenance. In his time at FPA Australia, he has various roles in Technical and State committees. As an RTO assessor, he is entrusted with the task of assessing ‘Functional testing on fire detection, warning, and intercommunication systems’, ensuring compliance and safety in this area. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Warren Makings continues to make significant contributions to fire safety and industry standards