Special Technical Sessions

This year, we are introducing two unique technical sessions.

The sessions are open to attendees who otherwise might not be able to take part in the Conference.

These workshops are designed to help those on the tools to improve their knowledge and to get insights into running a successful business.

A single session pass can be purchased for $100.00.

18020746 - installation of fire safety


In the can: tips and traps of routine service work

4:00pm – 5:00pm Wednesday 3 May 2023
Meeting Room E3.4

Routine service work – particularly inspection and testing – is an essential part of ensuring the performance of fire safety systems. 

The regular assessment of systems gives confidence to building occupants that they can go about their business safe from the risk of fire. 

This Q&A session provides a great opportunity for attendees to hear from experienced practitioners about this important role in fire protection. 

Come along to ask the panel about: 

  • what processes you should follow in routine service work;
  • what not to do;
  • how to interpret regulations and standards; and
  • how to troubleshoot issues that might arise during an inspection.

Designed with technicians in mind, this forum is an ideal way to involve your front-line workers in the largest conference and tradeshow in the southern hemisphere, while exposing them to the innovations and insights available in our tradeshow exhibitions. 

John Lynch, General Manager Business Support, Wormald Australia

Llion Evans, Senior Consultant, Infinity Fire Protection
Patrick Stokes, Managing Director, Stokes Fire
Anthony Lada, State Manager – Tasmania, Chubb Fire and Security Pty Ltd
Rob Broadhead, Chief Executive Officer, 2020 Fire



session two

Leading by example: a business development masterclass

4:00pm – 5:00pm Thursday 4 May 2023
Meeting Room E3.4

Do you run a business, or are you planning to do so?

What do you need to know about contracts, branding, risk, or finances?

In the business world, there are always potential pitfalls…

In this session, we’ll be hearing from experienced leaders from the industry on how to build a successful and viable business.

They’ll discuss how to navigate contracts, explore the processes for managing and mitigating risks, and provide tips on how to maximise your revenue and minimise your business administration.

Bring along your questions and learn how successful small businesses grow and prosper. 

Rob Broadhead, Chief Executive Officer, 2020 Fire

Rory Gregg, Partner, SpencerMaurice
Sean McCarthy, Senior Legal Counsel, Warringtonfire Australia
Peter Geale, Global Marketing Manager, FireMate