ACADS-BSG is a pioneer in the production of industry leading software for the Building Services Industry. Known internationally for CAMEL and HYENA software products, ACADS-BSG have been trusted for over 40 years to preserve and improve the performance of these essential tools for today and the future. Software designed by ACADS-BSG will not only increase your operational efficiencies but also enhance your knowledge of how building infrastructure behaves as a system and how it fulfils the increasing demands of the industry.

An industry leader of air conditioning load estimation. CAMEL+ calculates the design heating loads, cooling loads and associated psychrometrics for air conditioning systems in buildings. Calculations are based on the AIRAH/IRHACE Design Application Manual DA09 – Air Conditioning Load Estimation.

CAMEL + is an extremely comprehensive analysis tool for operation in both Southern and Northern Hemispheres

HYENA+ simplifies hydraulic calculation needs and is the industry trusted standard for calculating automatic fire sprinkler, hydrant, hose reel and water mist systems.

HYENA+ can be used to calculate complex automatic fire sprinkler systems with looped and/or gridded system designs. Hazen-Williams and Darcy-Weisbach calculation methods can be utilised to execute hydraulic calculations in more than just fire services.

Engineering calculations made easy.
With ACADS-BSG tools, engineers can accelerate complex engineering calculations with accurate results every time. Recently upgraded to the cloud, you can now access CAMEL+ and HYENA+ wherever you are.