BRANZ is an independent research organisation that uses an impartial evidence-based approach to improving the performance of the New Zealand building system. We transform insightful research into trusted, accessible, and actionable knowledge.

BRANZ takes a system-wide view of the building system in New Zealand to champion and support better outcomes. We partner with industry and government to ensure our research findings are accessible and benefit all New Zealanders.

BRANZ performs a unique leadership role among building system players. We facilitate challenging conversations, and work with system players to address the pain points in the building system. Whether it’s homelessness, housing shortages, mental health, or climate change, we work collaboratively to unlock solutions.

It is committed to lifting the performance of the building system in New Zealand so it can deliver better outcomes for all. This commitment underpins everything BRANZ does. It guides our investment of the Building Research Levy and drives strategic leadership initiatives such as the development of Artisan and the Industry Transformation work we undertake.

Transforming New Zealand’s building and construction sector is a challenging and long-term game. We support sector wide initiatives to improve the performance of the building industry wherever we see them take hold across the system. One such leading example is the Construction Sector Accord.