Established in early 2007, the Fireworld Australia Company and Mr Distributions (St Albans ,Melbourne) are solely importers and suppliers of fire products. This is for supply to the fire protection industries throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have introduced new products this year to complement the Fireworld range of fire products. The Fireworld fire extinguishers have achieved some of the highest ratings attained by any fire extinguisher manufacture.  Mr distributions have been supporting the Melbourne and Victorian market for some 15 years. Mr Distributions and Fireworld import the Ruihua product. The quality has been evident of the years and has now stood the tough test of time, in some of Australia’s harshest conditions.

Ruihua Fire is a joint venture with Presto Sweden and Ruihua Fire in China. Presto is the largest fire company in Scandinavia. This is the blend of over 50 years of Swedish fire extinguisher technology, fusing with Chinese ingenuity. The result is the Presto fire extinguisher, which has both superior performance and outstanding quality.

Visit us on booth 500 to meet the Fireworld staff and discuss your fire equipment needs.